Find the Right iPhone Browser with Flash

The iOS for the iPhone and iPad has never supported Adobe Flash Player, a program that was once used all over the web to assist with games, videos, and recording, to enhance user experiences on the web. Although flash may not be used widely throughout the web any more, many websites, games, and videos still use flash. If you demand to use one of those sites on your iPhone or iPad, you’ve got several options to use. Finding the right iPhone browser that incorporates flash can be difficult. Listed below are some of the top applications that utilize the Adobe flash player.

Getting started with Flash on the iPhone

Enjoying adobe flash on your own Apple iPhone requires suitable applications that will allow you to play those games and watching videos. There are a few ways to get started and enjoy that content on your mobile device

  • Flash players are available to download from the App Store
  • You can download video players that play flash videos


Photon Flash Browser for iPhone

Photon is available for download costing only $3.99. It offers playback of videos, and is one of the best apps to utilize flash. It achieves this by accessing a remote desktop machine, then connects to your iPhone, and streams the content directly to your iPhone. Since the iOS has never support flash it’s certainly a top pick. It is best to be connected over Wi-Fi. If you are streaming data over your network the performance can tend to slow down. Overall, Photon for the iPhone is definitely one of the best flash players supported by iOS.

Skyfire Browser

Skyfire Flash Browser iPhone

Another great browser that uses flash on the iPhone is Skyfire. The SkyFire browser for the iPhone allows you to watch videos, where the Safari browser does not allow you to watch on any iOS device. Skyfire does not keep the allow you to view and experience flash websites, however, you still can view flash videos. This is essentially just a video player for the iPhone and iPad. Still a great application to download and give a try.


Cloud Browse

Cloud Browser iPhone

Another app that is similar to Photon that uses the same technology with streaming from a remote desktop is CloudBrowse. The CloudBrowse app sells for $2.99. This application also has a $4.99 monthly subscription fee. You can use the app for 10 minute session for viewing content, but if you require longer feeding time, the monthly subscription fee comes into play. CloudBrowse is surprisingly prompt, but its playback is inconsistent. There are better flash applications available for the iPhone. However, if you dont mind dropping the $2.99 its worth a download.

Puffin Web Browser with Flash

Puffin Flash Browser for iPhone

The caliber of Puffin’s $0.99 flash player app is mediocre at best. The playback is not as efficient and effective as most other flash browser apps available. The Puffin app tends to have streaming issues. The actual web browser itself is pretty solid, and the features available are very nice. If the Apple Safari browser isn’t cutting it for you, this browser is worth a try. However, we would recommend trying a few other flash browsers, such as the ones listed in this article before you send your money on this. But for $0.99 its worth a download.

iSwifter Games

If you enjoy playing video games that are developed in flash the iSwifter browser is a great choice for you. This iPhone and iPad application is a flash player that has all the content needs for playing games. It will also allow you view videos coded in flash as well. The iSwifter browser lets you use the service for free for the first week, then you can upgrade to the pro version with in app purchases and you will be able to play games unlimited for future use of the app.

Flash Recording Web Browser

You can purchase this flash browser for $19.99. Its a little more expensive then other apps available in the app store. The flash recording web browser technology is like the other apps listed above where it stream flash videos from a remote computer with a turn. Instead of stream information from a data warehouse, it will pull videos from your computer in your own house, and stream them on your iPhone or iPad. The caveat to this approach is you are better off being on a WiFi connection, so stream will be more seamless. If you utilize your data plan, the browser will tend to take more time to load, and will not be as efficient.

In Conclusion

These are virtually some of the top rated and highly positioned flash players for the iPhone you can download. Now using adobe flash player contestantly on the iPhone can slow down your connection on the internet. However, if you come across a website or game that you must play on your iOS device these are some of the best apps available for download.

When searching for a flash player that suits your needs I hope this list of iPhone browsers with flash capibility will help make the searching process easier. Once you find the right browsre for your needs, please enjoy that video clip or gaming experience.

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